Project Location: Fort Pierce, Florida

Project Type: Mixed-use.

Blue Marilla will be +/- 92,000 gross SF of mixed-use development. Blue Marilla, which means “Shining Sea” in Latin, will have two buildings, 5 stories along Building #1 and 4 stories along Building #2. The property will have public parking along Fisherman’s Wharf and connecting to the existing Marina.

•A Vibrant, active place, a Destination location with attractions such as the marina, boat launch, boardwalk, promenade to old town, observation tower, new and existing restaurants, and Warf side marketplace designed for local businesses to flourish.

•Integrated short term stay residential units as well as long term stay for a 24/7/365 community.

•Promenade and boardwalk has shade trees and lush tropical plantings as well as Awnings and other areas for public activities.

•In addition, we added an observation tower available to the public which acts as a focal point from the River as well as an opportunity for a public transportation use for a Water Taxi dock and access point further tying the Warf and boardwalk market to the region as a water destination.

•We also tied our boardwalk to the town’s existing pedestrian bike friendly promenade along the river connecting Fisherman’s Warf to other areas of Ft. Piece , the River Walk Park and Edgartown district then to the historic downtown district of Ft Pierce area.

•All main residential and retail spaces face the marina and the corridors and vertical circulation and well as parking to the north against the industrial

The project contains the following uses:

a.- 8,490 SF of commercial space located on the first floor that will be subdivided into small spaces for local business in order to create a welcoming food hall vibe experience.

b- Two corner ocean view restaurants comprising 4,751 SF.

c.- 11,592 SF of office space located on the second floor to be subdivided into small offices by the prospective tenant.

d.- 76 resort-style fully furnished residential units to be dedicated for short term rentals located on the third, fourth, and fifth floor on Building #1. The unit mix contains 31- studios with a kitchenette, 40 – 1 bed / 1 bath units with a full kitchen, and 5 – 2 beds / 1 baths.

Year Started: 2021

Site Plan rendering by Andres Montero. Design Collaboration with The Martin Architectural Group.

More Images of Blue Marilla

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