Rendered Elevation Buildings 3-5

Project Location: Malta, New York

Type of Project: Mixed- Use Development, 72 acres. The site was originally designed in 2000 and received further PDD approvals in 2005. Park Place was the first “New Urban” style project in the town of Malta, New York and inspired the town to elevate in more detail the concepts of New Urbanism, the Transect and Smart Growth. The town of Malta adopted the New Urban inspired “Form Based Code” in 2013, 8 years after this inspirational project. Malta is now poised to develop into a truly walk-able and culturally diverse community over the next 20 years.

Commercial Site +/- 115,000 SF

510 Multifamily units and 55 single family units.

Year: PDD approval 2005 / FBC approval 2013

More Images of The Galleria at Park Place

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