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Land Planning

The best locations can be underutilized due to poor design, thought, and execution. Therefore, profit potentials are not realized and cultural sensibilities are squandered. dra looks at each site’s unique characteristics, including its geographic, topographic, and demographic concerns. Through careful consideration of these issues coupled with research of the area’s architectural history, we develop a design solution that leverages the greatest opportunities and assets of the site to create a viable and vibrant environment for a sustainable community.

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With 33 years of experience in the development and architecture business, dra has a broad knowledge of the complexities of the development industry and its need for design solutions that inspire sales and touch the hearts of the residents who live in them.

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New Urbanism

Dominick Ranieri was a student of Andres Duany and Elizabeth Platter Zyberk during the formative years of the new urban movement. Today, dra has been working on TND projects in excess of $1 billion in development value. We create memorable places that provide residents and businesses a cohesive and vital environment to live, work, play, and prosper.


Commercial & Mixed-Use

dra approaches each commercial project with the desire to build a pedestrian friendly place that draws people in where they can shop, dine, and work or just relax. At dra, we look to re-establish the connection of the people to their places. We strive to give them recognizable and memorable commercial neighborhood centers that evoke the qualities and histories of the places they reside in and integrate design principles of the past with the needs of the 21st century.